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December 13, 2021 // 1 minute read

NS1 Series

CPC‘s NS1 Series is the smallest, non-drip, plastic coupling on the market. Design engineers find the diminutive size of the NS1 perfect when they’re needing a fluid connection in a compact space. Packed full of features, the NS1 Series includes non-spill shutoff valves that ensure drip-free disconnects and eliminate the need to purge air from the system. With its easy-to-use latch, the NS1 couplings offer strength and superior performance in a small form factor.

The NS1 ability to rotate allows the tubing to move freely or relax without kinking or leaking. With its functionality-sized latch, NS1 couplings connect and disconnect in any orientation.


  • Closed system for drip-free disconnect
  • Minimizes contaminants, eliminates the need to purge air bubbles from the system
  • User-friendly ergonomic design enables a secure, reliable connection
  • Allows tubing to move freely or relax without kinking or leaking
  • Reliable strength and performance in a range of applications


  • Non-spill design
  • Ultra-low inclusion
  • Intuitive interface
  • Rotating design
  • Chemically resistant materials


With its ergonomic, user-friendly interface, the NS1 Series is ideal for applications using tubing from 1/8-inch and smaller that require:

  • Frequent and repeatedly connecting and disconnecting using nuts and ferrules
  • Doubled-side shut-off where luers are not acceptable
  • Secure, reliable connections and disconnections

Examples include:

    • Biomedical Lab OEMs such as clinical chemistry, IVD, chromatography, hematology and HPLC
    • Ink applications requiring low inclusion to eliminate air inclusion at the print head connection.


Pressure: Vacuum to 15 psi, 1.0 bar

Temperature: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)

O-rings: EPDM

Valve: Glass-filled polypropylene, PEEK®, polypropylene

Spring: Stainless Steel

Spillage and Air Inclusion: <0.02 cc per disconnect at 15 psi


1/4-28 Male Thread Valved In-Line Coupling Body


1/8 Hose Barb Valved In-Line Coupling Body


1/4-28 Flat Bottom Port Valved In-Line Coupling Body


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