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Spartan's Series Stepper 12

Media Separated, Electronic Proportional, Flow Control Valve

The Spartan Scientific Stepper 12 valve is a specialized valve designed for highly accurate electronically controlled variable flow control of inert fluids and gases. The valve operates through a combination of a stepper motor, valve body, and controller circuit, and has over 1,500 positions through its valve stroke. The valve can produce reliable and repeatable flow rates from 0 to 30 GPM (water) @ 150 PSI.

The Stepper 12 valve features a built-in electronic control that accommodates either open or closed loop control by use of electronic signal input of either 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 10 Volt DC. The valve is designed with a separating diaphragm that maintains dry mechanical movement and is designed for long life and high flow. The diaphragm is designed with a specialized convolution and elliptical flow tip, which produces a linear flow versus valve stroke position.

The Stepper 12 valve body is available in 1/4”, 3/8” or 1/2” port sizes with a maximum flow orifice of 12.5mm. It features multi-orientation mounting and a quick connect M12 connector that mates to the valve for a sure environmentally resistant enclosure to NEMA 4/IP 65.

The Stepper 12 valve uses voltage to move into position and needs only 60mA when the position is found and maintains a steady state. For fast troubleshooting, the on-board indicator LED (RGB) light ring displays the status of the device.

Overall, the Spartan Scientific Stepper 12 valve is a high-quality valve that is designed for accurate and reliable flow control of inert fluids and gases. Its specialized features and components make it ideal for a variety of industrial applications.


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Specializing in the Fluid Power & Automation Industries