CPC: Masters of Connectology

Get to know the Masters of Connectology: CPC.

PennAir partners with industry leading manufacturers, like CPC – they know Fluid Handling Connectors inside and out.

CPC believes innovation in fluid handling can make the world cleaner, more efficient and healthier.  So, their focus is on inventing and reinventing state of the art fluid handling connectors.  Their expert engineers are well versed in tolerances, flow rates, material compatibility and more. Over 45% of CPC’s business is customized solutions across a variety of industries to meet the requirements of the toughest applications. It’s not enough for CPC to simply master fluid connectology, they push every day to drive it forward.

As partners with CPC, PennAir is seeing growth in the Electronics market, specifically liquid cooling in Data Centers.  Protect your valuable electronics with the unmatched design, quality and reliability of quick disconnect couplings.  CPC’s quick disconnect couplings for liquid cooling applications provide ultra-reliable, drip-free connections and disconnections.

Do you find yourself facing liquid cooling applications of electronics including PCs, supercomputers, data centers, chillers or medical equipment?  Why PennAir leads with CPC:

  • Automatic non-spill shutoff valves that help keep electronics safe by eliminating drips.
  • Integral terminations result in fewer leak points, shorter assemblies, and faster installations.
  • Multiple options for materials, configurations, sizes and valves.
  • Custom solutions to meet unique application needs.

Do you have questions about how CPC can solve your custom cooling application requirements?  Do you currently have an application that requires custom engineering support? PennAir’s engineers are here to help.  Reach them directly at: 888.631.7638 or hello@pennair.com.