The SCHUNK ELP is designed to be the most user-friendly electric linear module on the market. In just two steps, the ELP is configured and ready to work. The end positions can be mechanically adjusted with a screw, and the speed of extension and retraction is easy to adjust using rotary switches on the side of the unit. That’s really all it takes to get the ELP up and running.

Thanks to SCHUNK’s revolutionary auto-learn function, speed is automatically adjusted depending on the extension weight. This means you don’t have to worry about manually compensating for incorrect speed configurations. During the teach-in process, the ELP is always automatically adjusted to the maximum possible speed for the current load. After this, the extension and retraction speed of the SCHUNK ELP can be finely adjusted using two rotary switches. The integrated LED display indicates the status of the learning process.

No shock absorber adjustment is necessary, because the drive automatically regulates the brake process. The control and power electronics are directly integrated into the module, which means less space required in the control cabinet. The ELP can be controlled by a fieldbus distributor or through digital signals—no mechatronics expertise necessary!

The ELP also features an electric holding brake. In the event of a power failure, the position of the linear module is reliably held and any unintended fall-off of
the vertically arranged axes into the working area is prevented. The holding brake allows the STO (Safe Torque Off) safety function to be executed. The holding brake can be retrofitted as an option.

The ELP is practically wear-free, with an exceptionally long service life and low maintenance cycles. There are no shock absorbers to be damaged or require replacing, and there are no manufacturing downtimes of the automated system due to maintenance or repair.

SCHUNK is a family-owned company that is changing a global industry. With more than 2,500 employees in 8 plants—and subsidiaries and distribution partners in more than 50 countries—SCHUNK designs and manufactures an unmatched selection of clamping technology and gripping systems.

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