SCHUNK designs and manufactures the industry’s largest selection of clamping technology and gripping systems. The German-based company serves the machining, robotics, automation, and installation industries, in addition to many well-known automotive brands and their suppliers. Let’s take a look at one of SCHUNK’s most innovative offerings, their ERP rotary unit.

SCHUNK is serious about simplifying automation: instead of constantly adjusting throttles and changing shock absorbers or loading new sequences, users can now opt for an electric alternative that is much simpler and cheaper over the long term. The SCHUNK ERP is the most easily adjusted module on the market.

SCHUNK’s 24V electric swivel unit is made for small and medium-sized workpieces in clean or contaminated environments. The speed can be adjusted in 10 stages in both rotational directions for high flexibility in cycle times and extremely low maintenance. The ERP also boasts high machine uptime and low operating costs.

Using highly intelligent auto-learn technology, the low-wear SCHUNK ERP rotary module adjusts its movement profile automatically to the corresponding component weight. In contrast to pneumatic rotary units, the 24 V component does not require hydraulic shock absorbers.

For commissioning, the 24 V component is simply connected to the control unit via digital I/O, the angle of rotation is defined via the end stops (90°/180°)and, if necessary, the end position is fine-tuned mechanically (+/- 5 °). Everything else is assumed by the integrated auto-learn technology. Three to five rotary movements are enough to complete the programming. The movement profile is created as a ramp. Depending on the angle of rotation and the weight of the swivel body, the direct drive rotary unit accelerates and brakes automatically. Impacts, oscillations, and uncontrolled movements at maximum speed are thus eliminated. This minimizes the noise level and wear. It also makes the use of hydraulic shock absorbers superfluous. If the component weight changes during the process, the module automatically adjusts its movement profile, without requiring any operator intervention. The speed can be conveniently regulated directly via a rotary switch on the housing.

As the control occurs via digital I/O, the SCHUNK ERP series is compatible with all controllers and can easily replace pneumatic modules. The 24 V rotary module is available in the first step in size 25 for moments of inertia of up to 0.1 kgm2. The repeat accuracy is +/- 0.01°. Large-dimensioned center bore allows cables and hoses to be fed through. In combination with the mechatronic SCHUNK EGP gripper for small components, complete gripping/rotary units can be implemented on the basis of 24 V. The module provides the ideal prerequisites for use in assembly and handling, machining, and in the automotive industry. Plans have already been made for including additional sizes and options.

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