OTTOTM Motors is the world’s leading manufacturer of self-driving industrial vehicles, designed to streamline the movement of materials in manufacturing and processing facilities.

OTTOTM doesn’t mind working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Less time transporting materials means more open floor space. And OTTO is smart enough to provide feedback and analytics, uncovering even more ways to increase productivity. This means employees are safer, happier, and free to focus on higher-value tasks.

The people at OTTO Motors are dedicated to the principles of lean manufacturing, a method now seen as one of the greatest potentials for progress in manufacturing. In the case of OTTO, that means eliminating the hours spent walking between workstations and transporting items by hand. Check out this short video clip to see how OTTO is using data and machine learning to outsource walking and drive productivity in a repair facility:

See how effortlessly OTTO moves? By utilizing laser-based perception and artificial intelligence, the vehicle can easily move through facilities without the need to install special infrastructure. Self-driving vehicles like OTTO combine the benefits of manual labor, conveyors, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to provide the most advanced method of material transport available today.

We’re proud to announce that OTTO Motors is our newest Keystone Supplier. We’ve spent a lot of time getting to know their people and their product, and we couldn’t be happier to partner with the company moving forward.

Are you interested in outsourcing walking at your facility with a little help from OTTO? Want to learn more about how OTTO can work for you? Our trained OTTO Motors technicians are ready to listen to your needs, and we’ll work together to find the solution that’s right for you. You can reach us at 888.631.7638 or

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