10 Reasons to Invest in Robotics with ABB

Our January Keystone Supplier is ABB Robotics! This month, we’re focused on the many different ways robotics can improve your business. Here are just a few ways using robots can make your business more competitive:

  1. Reduced operating costs

Using robots can reduce direct and overhead costs, allowing you to save money and invest back into your business.

  1. Improved product quality

Robots are accurate and repetitive, which means you consistently have a high-quality finish for every product produced.

  1. Improved quality of work for employees

Improve working conditions for your employees by using robots to replace workers in dusty, hot, hazardous or undesirable working conditions.

  1. Increased product output

Robots can be programmed to run overnight, during weekends and even when other systems are offline, so you can keep your output levels maximized.

  1. Increased product manufacturing flexibility

Robots are easy to program and can switch easily between processes, which helps you meet changes in product design or customer demand easily.

  1. Reduced waste

Want to increase your product quality? Use robots. You’ll have more products finished the first time and you’ll reduce the amount of waste produced due to poor manufacturing.

  1. A healthier, safer workplace

Reduce accidents and exposure to hazardous work environments with robotics. By using robots in your workplace, you can make your workplace safer and more productive.

  1. Reduced labor turnover

Modern industrial factories require high precision processes. Robots are a cost-efficient alternative to manual workers, which are often harder to find and more expensive.

  1. Reduce capital costs

By incorporating robots into your business, you can achieve faster, more efficient production lines that reduce costs associated with inventory and work processes.

  1. Save space in high value manufacturing areas

Robots are adaptable to your space and can work in multiple configurations or small, confined spaces, which means you can use your workspace efficiently.

Check out the full video about the advantages of incorporating robotics into your business:

Do you think robots are a good option for your business? Want to discover more ways robots like YuMi can improve employee retention and satisfaction, overall efficiency and output costs?

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