Why you should automate your manufacturing processes

Automation typically refers to using computers and other programmed technology for the implementation of business-related tasks. Automated mechanisms may range from simple sensing devices to robots and other sophisticated tools. It may include the automation of a single operation or the automation of a series of tasks or even an entire factory. For companies looking for a competitive advantage, automation equals improved productivity. Automation also provides low operational variability, which is directly related to consistent quality and productivity.

The automation trend will only increase as the manufacturing industry becomes more competitive in a global marketplace. In the modern world of automation, manufacturing businesses must look for ways to continuously improve their manufacturing processes by finding ways to be more efficient and more productive.

Here are just a few reasons why switching to automated manufacturing processes can improve your business:

Increase in labor productivity

Automating a manufacturing operation can increase production rate and even labor productivity. Investing in an automated process means greater output per hour of labor input.

Reduction of labor cost

The ever-growing cost of labor is a trend occurring throughout the world’s manufacturing societies. Automation has become an economically sustainable solution to this shortage of skilled labor, which means greater investment is needed to replace manual operations. Technology is increasingly being substituted for human labor to reduce unit product cost.

Increase worker safety

By automating a given operation and transferring the worker from active participation in the process to a supervisory role, the work is made safer. The safety and physical well-being of the worker has become a national objective, which makes it crucial to bring automation into the workplace.

Enhance product quality

Automation not only results in higher production rates than manual operations; it also ensures the performance of the manufacturing process with more uniformity and adherence to quality specifications.

Improve manufacturing lead time

Automation helps to reduce the elapsed time between customer order and product delivery. This, in turn, provides a competitive advantage to the manufacturing company for future orders. By decreasing manufacturing lead time, the manufacturer also cuts work-in-process inventory.

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