Bimba Spotlight: Custom Solutions with Pinch Valves

Customer demands can’t always be fulfilled with standard products. With over 40 years of experience designing and building custom solutions, Bimba’s Acro line can solve your unique application challenges. These projects can range from the simple- modifying our existing pneumatic, solenoid, and proportional pinch valves- to the complex, including complete custom systems with multiple valves.

Using the wide variety of tools at our disposal, we can provide a proven solution for virtually any pinch valve demand. Over the past years, we have generated a large library of customized solutions for a variety of specific demands in many industries, especially involving custom pinch valving.

The example assembly above was designed for a filling system with disposable tubing. It contains ten 1400-Series solenoid pinch valves with easy tube loading and unloading—just open the top of the manifold and make your changes. For cost and weight savings, the manifold is constructed in aluminum.

Potential Applications:

  • Medical instruments
  • Analyzers used for blood and saline
  • Pharmaceutical process skids
  • Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) in bio-processing
  • Medical devices (dispensing)
  • Food and beverage dispensing
  • Automated filling systems
  • Paint dispensing
  • Water treatment
  • Epoxy dispensing equipment
  • Valves used as a safety device in conjunction with peristaltic pumps
  • Oil and gas sample testing

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