Choosing a Yamada Pump: What you need to know

Recognized as a leader in pneumatic pumping technology, our trusted Keystone supplier Yamada Corporation is known in many industries worldwide for its innovative products, superior quality, and unmatched reliability. The company’s long history of product design and engineered solutions has established Yamada as a forerunner in industrial pump technology.

Yamada’s strong reputation for manufacturing top quality products, allied with its continuing efforts in research and development, have created a strong foundation for market leadership. PennAir is proud to offer Yamada’s reliable products for your business.

Even Yamada’s slogan, “The Proof’s in the Pump®” underscores the company’s solid reputation for innovation and reliability. This reputation is truly built into every Yamada pump.

When it comes time to choosing the best pump for your company’s manufacturing systems, look no further than Yamada. Let’s take a look at what makes Yamada stand out in the world of pumps.

Engineered to perform; Designed for long life

Yamada pumps are crafted with engineering and manufacturing excellence in mind. Here are a few of the qualities you can expect from Yamada pumps:

Rugged, Bolted Construction

All Yamada pumps feature bolted construction, which eliminates leaks and simplifies post-maintenance reassembly. Bolted construction is superior to clamp band retainers, which frequently require frustrating, unnecessary leakage rebuilds from misalignment during reassembly.

Pilot Valve

Unique to the Yamada design is an individual modular pilot valve that actuates the air valve. It is depressed slightly by the inner center disk creating a pressure drop at one end of the air valve, allowing shifting to occur. It is maintenance free with no cumbersome snap rings or lubricated dynamic o-rings to replace or repair.

Optimal Stroke Length

Extensive research has led to the development of an optimal stroke length that maximizes diaphragm life and performance while minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Yamada’s Patented Air Valve Technology 

Yamada air valve technology is the heart of the air-powered double diaphragm pump and determines reliability. Yamada holds three patents on its field proven valve and enjoys a superior reputation throughout the industry.

Unified Air Valve Concept

Yamada offers two common-size air valve assemblies within six sizes of pumps, further reducing reassembly confusion and parts inventory. Whether your pumps are functioning continuously or intermittently— at high or low pressure — using dirty or clean air— Yamada offers one field proven design.

Truly Non-Lubricated Air Valve

The patented Yamada air valve on all NDP series pumps never requires lubrication or pre-packing. The advanced design eliminates the need for external lubrication, which can lead to pump contamination and maintenance headaches. Yamada originated the nonlubricated air valve technology for air-powered double diaphragm pumps.

Component Replaceable

All Yamada air valves can be restored with individual components without requiring complete valve and housing replacement.


A patented non-centering, spring-assisted shifter is incorporated into every NDP Series pump, ensuring a positive shift every time.

The 304 stainless steel C-springs provide exceptional durability and longevity and are tested to last over 300 million cycles!

The spring assist also aides in long dead head applications for reliable startup.

Yamada Advantages

Yamada pumps have a number of advantages, making it an easy decision for you to choose Yamada.

  1. Handle a wide variety of fluids with high solids content: No close fitting or rotating parts so liquid with high solids content and/or size can be easily pumped.
  2. Self-Priming: The Yamada pump design (incorporating internal check valves) provides high suction lift even at dry start-up and with heavier fluids.
  3. Ability to run dry: No close fitting or sliding parts are at risk—the pump can run dry without damage.
  4. Variable flow rate and discharge pressure: Yamada pumps will run at any setting within their operating range simply by adjusting the air inlet pressure and system conditions. One pump can fit a broad spectrum of applications.
  5. Portable/Simple Installation: Yamada pumps transport easily to the application site. Simply connect an air supply, attach fluid connections, and the pump is ready to perform. There are no complex controls to install or operate.
  6. Dead Head: Because the discharge pressure can never exceed air inlet pressure, the discharge line can be closed with no damage or wear. The pump will simply slow down and stop.
  7. Shear sensitive: The gentle nature and minimal parts contact with the liquid make Yamada pumps an excellent choice for shear sensitive fluids.
  8. Safe Operation: Powered by compressed air, Yamada pumps are intrinsically safe.
  9. Submersible: If external components are compatible, Yamada pumps can be submerged in liquids by simply running the exhaust line above the liquid level.
  10. Pumping efficiency remains constant: There are no rotors, gears, or pistons, which wear over time and lead to the gradual decline in performance/flow rate.

Read more about Yamada’s products in our product guide HERE.

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