PennAir Invents and Designs Technology for Adaptive Lacrosse Players

Mike Johnson, one of our engineers, is the embodiment of our values as an organization and as a partner in the community. His big passion, and even bigger heart, led him to develop automated lacrosse technology for adaptive lacrosse players.

In 2014, Mike was looking for a project for his two interns, so he reached out to our partner, VLinc, seeking ideas. VLinc advised that it had been approached by a lacrosse mom about designing an automated stick to enhance the playing experience of her son, David, who is an adaptive player with cerebral palsy.

Using our PennAir technology, Johnson’s team developed 10 different stick prototypes. Ultimately, they settled on a stick that uses a remote button to launch the ball via a catapult mechanism inside the pocket. A sensor is used to verify that the ball is properly positioned in the throwing arm.

His dedication combined with his team’s innovation completely changed the lives of many adaptive lacrosse players like David. It also led Mike to discover a new found love for coaching.

We’re so proud of Mike and his ability to power what’s possible for others.

Read the full article about Mike’s experiences and the technology his team developed in the  U.S. Lacrosse Magazine.