Three Ways Koganei Will Completely Change Your Business

Reducing costs, improving lead time and increasing machine efficiency is essential for every manufacturing business. And, no matter what your industry, choosing the best parts to make your operations run smoothly is key.

Koganei, one of our Keystone Suppliers, knows just how to make your business operations run smoother.

Let’s dive into three different ways Koganei helps manufacturing companies earn a competitive advantage, and how Koganei can help you improve your business.

1. Miniaturization to save space and weight

Manufacturer’s often look for ways to reduce the space and weight of their machinery to make devices more flexible and portable. Many of Koganei’s products are miniature in design to save as much space as possible in high-functioning equipment. One example of how Koganei does this is in the medical industry.

In terms of function, mobile devices that are low in power means patients can get a lot of use before needing to recharge. Just like a phone, the longer a device can last between charges, the better.

When gases are used in devices, such as those that use power, reducing the amount of leaks is important to increase the longevity of use time. When the tank runs out, patients have to stop how they are living to “recharge” or “fill” a system.

Koganei is responding to the Medical Device industry by making valves that are required in applications that use oxygen and other gases to be the smallest in the world. Koganei’s release of the 005 series is the world’s smallest direct acting solenoid valve. Thanks to Koganei, manufacturers around the world are able to improve the lives of their patients.

2. High Speeds For Increased Output

When it comes to manufacturing, reducing costs and increasing output is the name of the game.

In the packaging world of manufacturing, machinery must be able to put everything from food to makeup to cleaning solutions in a container before getting sent off around the globe. So why is speed more important?

For example, let’s say you’re a food company, and you have orders for 100,000 units. You’re tasked with deciding which packaging company to work with. Would you rather use a company with a machine that can produce 10 packages an hour or a company with a machine that can produce 1,000 packages an hour?

Speed is everything. Every second it takes to package food, or whatever your product is, matters because it impacts delivery to your customer. Machines need to go as fast as possible without making any mistakes because mistakes equal material waste and that means lost revenue.

Koganei solves this problem with its valve series and cylinder combination product, both the fastest in the world. The Koganei “K” series is the world’s fastest solenoid valve. This means it can control cylinders to go faster than anyone else. How fast you ask? Imagine a cylinder that could operate at 100Hz. This is the equivalent to a cutting process between plastic packages separating 100 packages per SECOND.

The only challenge now is getting the rest of the equipment to catch up.

3. Fast Delivery for Faster Lead Times

PennAir’s unique relationship with Koganei allows us to deliver a valve manifold order in as little as 48 hours from when the order was placed.

We stock various Koganei parts, from valves to wiring, in our 116,000 sq.ft. facility. Other parts, like EtherNet, EtherCAT and new IO LINK module components, are available upon request.

We’re just a phone call away from delivering everything you need, from taking the order, assembling the parts, testing and getting it in your hands in 48 hours or less.

Anyone that uses valves will appreciate the fastest delivery and best pricing available. This is just one example of how we work with Koganei to kick@$$ for our customers Every. Single. Day.

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