Autonomous mobile robots

Eliminate walking and wasted time in your operation

About Our AMRs (Soon to be IMRs)

Leading People in Manufacturing to a
Greater Purpose

Automate your materials movement, boost productivity and transform your facility with the enterprise-trusted OTTO Motors Materials Movement Platform through our Purpose Driven Mobile Robots Division.

OTTO Motors Autonomous Mobile Robots are masterfully crafted and designed for any job, so you can rely on them day in and day out.

With Industrial Mobile Robots, you can:

  • Ensure Safety of Your Workforce
  • Overcome Labor Shortages
  • Recover Wasted Floor Space
  • Standardize Across all Facilities

OTTO Motors 100

OTTO Motors 100 autonomously moves boxes, bins, carts, and other lightweight payloads.

Size (inches): 29.1 x 22 x 12 in

Weight: 127 kg (280 lbs)

Max Payload: 100 kg (220 lbs)

Movement Options: Integrated Lift, Cart Lift, and Customizable

OTTO Motors 750

OTTO Motors 750 autonomously moves pallets, skids, and other medium-sized payloads.

Size (inches): 71 x 47 x 13.85 in

Weight: 525 kg (1157 lbs)

Max Payload: 750 kg (1635 lbs)

Movement Options: Load Plate, Lift Attachment, Conveyor Attachment, and Customizable

OTTO Motors 1500

OTTO Motors 1500 autonomously moves pallets, skids, and other heavy payloads

Size (mm): 71 x 47 x 13.85 in

Weight: 525 kg (1157 lbs)

Max Payload: 1500 kg (3306 lbs)

Movement Options: Load Plate, Lift Attachment, Conveyor Attachment, and Customizable. 

The Material Movement Platform consists of three (3) integrated solutions: Autonomous Mobile Robots, Fleet Manager and PennAir Care.

Keep OTTO moving safely and efficiency throughout your faciltiy, process and monitor your fleet’s data, and manage every robot with Fleet Manager.

Stay up-to-date on the latest software and features, have access technical support and on-demand tools, and recieve proactive maintenance and mission-critical on-site repair. 

Purpose driven mobile robots

PennAir exists to help people in manufacturing do more with less Every. Single. Day. We understand our customer base is incredibly diverse with unique needs and challenges. A “one size fits all” solution is rarely the answer. Therefore, to better help our customers, we created highly focused divisions powered by PennAir to address unique applications. 


Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.