Leverage the latest in robotic technology

About Our Robotics

Optimize performance
for maximum efficiency and yeild

From system planning and design to implementation and integration, our team of engineering experts can help you leverage the latest in robotic technology.

Our goal is to optimize the performance of your equipment and production processes for maximum efficiency and yield. 

PennAir offers single and dual arm collaborative robots and accessories allowing our customers flexibility in their manufacturing processes. 

Industrial robots use enhanced safety features applying industry standard safety devices, such as area scanners, light curtains, and safety mats, to avoid the need for guarding.

We offer the following selection of Robots:

  • Articulating 4-axis Robots
  • Articulating 6-axis Robots
  • Cartesian: XY and XYZ
  • Collaborative 6-axis 
  • Delta
  • External Axis
  • Scara

PennAir & ABB Robotics

GoFa is your collaborative partner for high payload applications up to 5kg. With class-leading reach, advanced and comprehensive safety, plus easy operation, GoFa will take your business further than ever.

PennAir & SCHUNK Grippers

SCHUNK grippers are known for their precision, longevity, and robustness. They are synonymous with process stability and efficiency in assembly and handling. With more than 4,000 standard components, SCHUNK offers the world’s most comprehensive range of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric grippers in stock. 

PennAir & Precise Automation

Precise Automation’s new generation of collaborative robots focus on built-in safety and ease-of-use. These features enable non-traditional robot users to automate processes quickly and easily. 

These collaborative robots are safe to use without guarding. This frees them to be deployed easily and in environments where space is limited, and access to the workcell when the robot is operating, is critical. 

PennAir provides Robotic solutions for:

3-Jaw Concentric Grippers
Area Scanners
Automated Material Transport
Assembly and Integration
Case Packing Robots
Collaborative Robots
Custom Robotic Arm Ends

Light Curtains
Material Handling Robots
Painting Packages
Palletizing Robots
Parallel Axis
Pick and Place Robots
Press Automation
Robotic Benching

Safety Mats
System Design
Tool Changers
Turnkey Machine Tending
Turnkey Parts Feeding Systems

PennAir’s automation team of collaborative engineers and product specialists design systems that help monitor robot data and manage your robotic fleet. 

Robotics work hand-in-hand with Material Handling & Industrial Conveyors that are designed to handle all stages of the manufacturing process, from production and assembly through inspection and packing.


T-slot aluminum profiles offer a reconfigurable solution with durability and strength comparable to steel. The 2-degree drop-lock ensures secure connections that are vibration-resistant.


Don’t worry, we’ve got your covered.