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January 12, 2020 // 1 minute read

Benefits of Dorner’s Pharmaceutical Industry Conveyors:

When conveying products in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, accuracy and safety are vital. Dorner’s line of precision and sanitary conveyors are designed to meet these needs.

Dorner can provide conveyor solutions for applications such as:

  • Compressing pills
  • High speed bottle filling
  • Blister packaging
  • Off-line inspections
  • Sorting and grouping
  • Rejecting and transferring

Contract packagers often fill different products on the same line. Preventing cross contamination between products and even batches is a requirement. Dorner offers the patented line of AquaPruf line of stainless steel conveyors when sanitary requirements are necessary.

AquaPruf® Sanitary Conveyors

Our AquaPruf line of conveyors are designed with sanitary needs in mind. With multiple configurations and belt options available AquaPruf is great for almost any situation where sanitation is a must. The AquaPruf conveyors are designed to:

  • Open completely for effective sanitation
  • Be cleaned in under 5 minutes with one person, tool-less operation
  • Withstand high-pressure (100-1,500 psi) spray downs

1100 Series Conveyors

With its miniature frame design, Dorner’s 1100 series line of aluminum frame conveyors are perfect for the small parts handling needs of the pharmaceutical industry. A frame height of ¾” on our 1100 series conveyor makes it one of the smallest frame heights on the market. Other features that make it perfect for industry needs include:

  • 3 FDA approved belting options
  • Clean Room Class 100 certified
  • Backlighting available for inspection and quality control

When you’re looking to simplify your pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging processes Dorner has the right conveyors to fit your needs. We understand that transporting products in the pharmaceutical industry require precision and control. That’s why we build our conveyors to work quickly and efficiently while still making sure your products reach the next part of the process unharmed. So whether it be a sanitary conveyor to prevent cross-contamination between your products or a miniature frame conveyor to transport small products, Dorner has the right conveyor for you.

1100 Miniture Belt Conveyors

Industry’s smallest conveyor with a compact design featuring a 3/4″ frame height. This low profile enables the conveyor to fit into the tightest of spaces, freeing up valuable machine or worker space.

AquaPruf 7600 Conveyors

Frame is designed with no horizontal surfaces for optimum cleaning.

AquaPruf 7400 Conveyors

Frame is designed with no horizontal surfaces for optimum cleaning. Conveyors over 10′ long consist of multiple sections which are bolted together.

AquaPruf 7400 Ultimate Conveyors

Engineered for Fast & Effective Sanitation in the most demanding environments.

AquaPruf 7600 Ultimate Conveyors

The Ultimate Series has been engineered for Fast & Effective Sanitation in the most demanding environments. Thse include facilities where food safety is essential.

AquaPruf 7600 VBT Conveyors

Our sanitary incline conveyor technology will save your facility both time and money.

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