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The Spartan Scientific Series 6200 is a 2-Way or 3-Way, 2-Position direct acting solenoid valve utilizing a long life spring compensated solenoid poppet at the heart of an all stainless steel solenoid operator (430FR and 316SS). Standard body material is Glass-Filled Nylon. With orifice sizes ranging from 0.8mm up to 6.0mm standard, the 6200 valve
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A cleanroom is a controlled environment where pollutants like dust, airborne microbes, and aerosol particles are filtered out. They are crucial in industries where these external contaminants can ruin products, affect product quality, or harm people.
80/20 Aluminum Extrusion is a versatile and strong modular framing system that is widely used in a variety of applications. The system allows for the building of custom structures and machines and is named after the company that invented and patented it.
Enidine offers the broadest range of small bore adjustable and non-adjustable industrial shock absorbers and mounting accessories in the marketplace today.
There are endless ways to get your media from point A to point B. But there is only one best way. Festo wants you to find this way. The best solution possible for your process automation. They offer you everything from a single source – from the field level to the control level.

Real World Reliability requires constant communication through technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). To meet these requirements, Versa is promoting field-proven Diagnostic Feedback Options. The same tried-andtrue valves Versa had always offered are now available, with the addition of key modular components, with the added capability of intelligence through the use of
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The Canfield Connector’s GT Gatormate Series consists of our 2 Pin and 3PIN, injection molded, Deutsch Type Connectors. The connectors are over-molded to enhance connection performance and ensure that high stress or vibration will not cause unintentional disconnection.

Enidine developed the HERM (High Energy Rope Mount) Isolator for NAVY cabinet isolation and rafted deck systems. They have successfully passed barge testing and reduced shock inputs to levels compatible with COTS equipment.  The HERM mount is an effective vibration isolation systems solution for cabinets, platforms, rafts, cradles, canisters, and shipping containers requiring a shock, vibration, and
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Supply chain issues are not anything new, but COVID-19 can be credited for the drastic change the global economy finds itself in today. Many industries rely on the global supply chain to connect companies to their suppliers so they can turn the materials into the products they sell. Every part of the world has
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Overheating is a frequent problem within hydraulic systems that may be determined by specific components. This internal problem lies within the pump and causes a hydraulic system to overheat in the following ways: Contaminated Hydraulic Fluid is a common cause for a Hydraulic system to overheat. This can occur when the container is not sealed
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