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kick@$$ in manufacturing



Our technical experts reduce your downtime and improve equipment reliability with product specification, system design and on-site inventory.


We help your engineering and maintenance teams select the best hydraulic components to maximize efficiency and productivity while reducing energy consumption.


From saving energy and materials to improving quality, accuracy and precision, our team of electrical, mechanical and design engineers help create and implement systems that meet your goals.

Aluminum Extrusion

From planning and design to fabrication and installation, our team of engineering specialists help create a customized solution designed to meet you exact extrusion requirements.

Automatic Lubrication

Automatic Lubrication is the preventive maintenance advantage of today. Extend the life of your heavy-duty trucks, trailers, machinery, and off-road equipment with Constant Flow Lubrication.


PennAir’s wide variety of industrial, precision, and sanitary conveyance solutions are designed to optimize your efficiency and productivity.

Compressed Air

Our extensive range of products come from trusted, industry-leading brands so that you can buy with confidence. From air compressors, vacuum pumps air dryers, filters and more, we offer the products you need to help you increase productivity in the most cost-efficient manner possible.


By combining electrical components and technical expertise, we deliver customized electro-mechanical solutions, creating more efficient systems.


Over 30 years of assembly expertise, coupled with a state-of-the-art production facility, make trusting us with production challenges an easy decision for our customers.


From system planning and design to implementation and integration, our Robotics team help to leverage the latest enhancements in robotics.


Our Service specialists are ready to help whenever and wherever you need them. We specialize in repairs, assemblies, breakdowns, leaks, and more.

Reserved for What's Next

We are always on the lookout for leading-edge technologies to help our customers stay ahead of their competition.

Our divisions

PennAir exists to help people in manufacturing do more with less Every. Single. Day. We understand our customer base is incredibly diverse with unique needs and challenges. A “one size fits all” solution is rarely the answer. Therefore, to better help our customers, we created highly focused divisions powered by PennAir, to address each unique application.

Let’s Talk About You...

In today's world the manufacturing community is asked to do MORE with LESS - EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. PennAir exists to HELP our customers KICK@$$ - allowing them to focus on what matters most - freeing them to leave their work, at work.


Our Team

Let meet our creative and talented human resource