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SCHUNK Pick & Place: A Combination of Technology and Knowledge Leads to the Ultimate Customer Solution

75 years of superior clamping & gripping 

January 28, 2020 // 1 minute read

Precise, fast, and reliable pick & place solutions are in high demand in today’s manufacturing space. The Pick & Place portfolio from SCHUNK addresses this need by including a variety of modular solutions that are suitable for every application. From pneumatic to electric, modular or compact, manufacturers can work with SCHUNK to determine their ideal solution based on their performance needs.

In one recent project, SCHUNK’s engineering team was given the challenge of creating a solution that increased the company’s production efficiency and saved them money. After reviewing the specific needs and challenges in the customer’s application, the team set off to work.

The final design from SCHUNK offered:

More Flexibility

In the SCHUNK solution, the compensation device provided direction and control in three dimensions instead of one. 

In addition, with the SCHUNK design, the customer had more flexibility in the type of gripper they could use in the application. 

With more flexibility in their application, the customer can address additional application challenges like tool weight and stroke optimization. Optimizing these challenges can lead to reduction of downtime and tool change overs.  

Faster changes = more time to make product = more money in the customer’s pocket.

More Rigidity

The solution from the SCHUNK engineering team included a solid “L” bracket and a single gripper mounting surface, which results in more precision and rigidity when transferring the product at “pick” and at “place”.  

More precision equates to:

  • The most repeatable positioning of the part gripped
  • Fewer errors
  • Better quality finished product
  • Less production time

All of this translates into even more savings for the customer. 


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