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PGN-plus-P: The benchmark gripper from SCHUNK

75 years of superior clamping & gripping

February 22, 2021 // 1 minute read

What are people saying about the PGN-plus-P gripper from SCHUNK?

“No matter which robot-supported automation solution we are planning and implementing for our customers, I always find what I need in SCHUNK’s PGN-plus-P portfolio.” – Project Manager for Mechanical Production

“Our customers expect premium quality not only from the overall solution we provide, but from every individual component that we implement. This is the reason we place our trust in the premium grippers of the PGN-plus-P series from SCHUNK.” – Application Engineer

“In the past, we used grippers that were not able to handle the requirements that we have for speed and reliability. Since changing to SCHUNK grippers we no longer have to think about the reliability of the gripper. It just works.” – COO and Co-Founder.

How does the PGN-plus-P family of grippers help manufacturers deliver the best products and solutions to their customers?

A key feature of the PGN-plus-P is its multi-tooth guidance, which enhances the T-slot guidance of conventional grippers. With this patented technology, guides have a higher bearing capacity and better stability. By optimizing the function of the gripper, more possibilities are available to the operator, including:  

  • The use of longer gripper fingers (up to 50%)
  • Higher finger load (up to 120%)
  • Increased gripping force (resulting in higher workpiece weights that can be handled in relation to gripper size)
  • Maximum process reliability

The PGN-plus-P is also maintenance-free, with a permanent supply of lubricant in the guidance system. It can be paired with a variety of accessories in the SCHUNK portfolio to customize your PGN-plus-P gripper to your specific application.


Technology makes all the difference

The technology of SCHUNK PGN-plus-P gripper has more to offer. With its powerful features, the PGN-plus-P is in a class of its own.

Profit from the benefits:

  • Rapid and even lubricant distribution, even with short strokes
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Permanently higher performance
  • More compact, efficient systems
  • Continuously reliable and robust

PGN-plus-P technology in detail

The SCHUNK gripper PGN-plus-P raises the bar even further for pneumatically actuated universal grippers. The optimized multi-tooth guidance with permanent lubrication sets a new benchmark on the market. At the same time, the PGN-plus-P benefits from the unique range of SCHUNK accessories for virtually the entire range of all conceivable automated applications


Up to 50% longer gripper fingers

The improved multi-tooth guidance enables the use of even longer gripper fingers for the same gripper size due to higher maximum moments, without overloading the guidance. Gripping with optimized interfering contours during handling tasks in confined spaces, is thereby made even easier.

Longest service life due to lubrication pockets in the multi-tooth guidance

The lubricant pockets in the multi-tooth guidance ensure a continuous grease supply. The advantage is an even lubricant film that is created rapidly, even with short strokes.

Up to 120% higher finger load is possible

For multi-tooth guidance with permanent lubrication, the supporting dimension between the six load-bearing shoulders was increased, thereby increasing the size of the guiding surfaces.

PGN-plus-P suitable for any application!


  • Corrosion protection version K
    for use in corrosion-inducing environments

  • High-temperature version V/HT
    for use in hot environments

  • Precision version P
    for maximum accuracy
  • ATEX-Version EX
    for explosive environments

  • Dust-tight version SD
    absolutely dust-tight, increased degree of protection against the ingress of materials

  • Application-specific protective covers
    up to protection class IP67, for use in high temperature ranges

  • Additional versions
    Various options can be combined with each other

The SCHUNK gripper PGN-plus-P delivers diversity and unlimited flexibility.


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