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Compressed air for Farming & agriculture

60 years of experience in manufacturing air compressors

March 22, 2021 // 1 minute read

Amidst the technological advances in recent years, ELGi’s range of modern air compressors has become a pioneering new & productive method for making agriculture & farming less labour intensive, more productive & efficient. ELGi air compressors provide a range of requirements including digging borewell, powering pneumatic tools, irrigating fields, cleaning or sorting the produce.

Air compressors have been used around the farm in agricultural production for decades. Whether a small family farm or a firm with a larger operation, there is always an essential need for an air compressor that is economical, reliable and trustworthy. ELGi’s range of air compressors is more efficient and easier to use with trouble-free operation offering the highest quality for farming and can weather the heavy demands of the industry longevity. Our air compression systems are always pioneering new and efficient methods of crop production, transport and general farm maintenance.

ELGi air compressors offers low-cost of ownership which is essential for agricultural production and profitable farming operations. Our industrial grade compressed air solutions are more efficient, productive, reliable, and long-lasting which are ideal for all farming and day-day-day operations in the agricultural industry.

ELGi air compressor are designed to offer compressed air on demand for higher longevity, either for irregular or continuous use, and are perfect for the heavy demands required in the day-to-day operations of the agricultural industry.

ELGi air compressors is dedicated to delivering uncompromising reliability, efficiency, productivity and performance for the most demanding agricultural applications to make agriculture & farming less labour intensive. A complete cost comparative solution by ELGi will produce a number of options for cost reduction and can give an attractive long-term ROI.

ELGi’s range of air compressor comes with Uptime Assurance which is all about giving customers peace of mind by offering industry’s leading warranty which warrants that it’s product and the components for its products will perform the purpose and function for which they are designed and intended for the periods of time indicated when used, serviced and maintained in accordance with ELGi’s instruction and specification.

Using Air Compressors in Agriculture & Farming

Demand for food and other agricultural products is increasing with rapid growth and the factors owing to undergo structural changes are population growth, urbanization, and per capita increases in income. The substantial increase in total agricultural production can be attributed to the advent of new technologies, innovations, and process improvements in the farm sector. Today, A farm needs compressors for a range of requirements including digging borewell, powering pneumatic tools, irrigating fields, cleaning or sorting to produce. Now with technological advancements, air compressors have become more efficient and easier to use.

In the agricultural industry, many of the machines and day-to-day operations utilize air compressors for a continuous or intermittent supply of clean, pressurized air. This industry has a strong need for on-demand compressed air and compressors that have high longevity where ELGi’s rotary screw compressors can help. Water pumps, crop sprayers, tractors, conveyors, pneumatic handling material machines and even dairy machines requires compressed air. This makes a reliable air compressor a vital and critical component to a successful farm.


  • Water Pumps – Water is essential to crops, livestock and sustainable pastures. Sometimes compressed air is needed to bring this vital resource to specific areas to optimize growth. By ensuring less downtime and longevity with your compressor, you ensure your livestock and crops have this essential ingredient for life.

  • Crop Sprayers – Many crop sprayers utilize compressed air, and a reliable compressor is essential in the daily operations of your farm. These types of automated crop sprayers require a large amount of air.

  • Product Conveyors/Pneumatic Material Handling Machines – Many product conveyors utilize compressed air. ELGi air compressors are designed for both irregular and continuous use. Pneumatic material handling machines are common in the food industry and require a steady supply of compressed air to function properly.

  • Dairy Machines – Like many automated agricultural machines that utilize a large amount of compressed air, dairy machines are essential. ELGi compressors are designed to handle the continuous and demanding requirements for farms of all sizes. Energy efficiency, in addition to reliability, is essential when selecting a compressor utilized in the dairy industry.

  • Tractors and Vehicle Tires– One of the most common uses of an air compressor on a farm is to inflate tractor and other vehicle tires on your farm. Whether you need to inflate your tires quickly for the transport of hay to livestock over a large piece of land, or have a large tractor tire that needs inflated, a portable air compressor can be a vital component to your farm. Compressors make this task easy, and will help maintain safety and reliability on your farm equipment.

  • Greenhouse Ventilation – For some growers, getting clean air and proper ventilation to industrial greenhouses can be a challenge solved with compressed air. For long-term use, energy efficiency is needed to maximize the economic benefits of utilizing compressed air for ventilation.

  • Silos – Compressors can be used to power systems that transport excess grain and food into silos for storage.
    Winterization of Irrigation Lines – During winters weather can impede irrigation lines. Farmers can utilize compressed air to clear irrigation lines of excess water in order to prepare for winter. Not only does it save on costly repairs, it can also be used to protect and add longevity to vital infrastructure that will last for years to come.


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