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March 23, 2021 // 1 minute read

The Hollandia Case Study

On a past Dorner project, an an AquaPruf 7400 Series sanitary conveyor was installed at California-based Hollandia Produce. Its mission: move discarded lettuce to a bin for disposal. Sounds easy enough right?

In reality, this is a very demanding environment for any conveyor, much less one that’s specifically designed to work in these conditions. That’s because of the tremendous amount of debris collected on the conveyor from the discarded leaves. Of course the amount of debris from one leaf is minimal, but since the company produces several hundred thousand pounds of lettuce each year, that amount does add up quickly on the conveyor. So the conveyor system needs to be durable for continuous use, yet designed for daily wash downs.

Hollandia uses an 18-inch wide, 15-foot long cleated 7400 Series conveyor that’s positioned at a 45-degree angle. Discarded lettuce falls onto a conveyor, which moves it onto the cleated 7400 Series conveyor. Lettuce is then transported up an incline where it is dumped into a trash bin. The conveyor operates between eight and nine hours a day, seven days a week, and is washed at least once daily.

The 7400 Series is ideal for Hollandia and other food applications because of its sanitary design. It’s built with a durable, stainless steel frame with no flat surfaces to eliminate collection points of loose food scraps. Continuous TIG welding of the 304 stainless steel frame provides strength and eliminates fasteners in the food zone, which provides a more sanitary environment. Bearings are 400 series stainless steel and filled with H1 FDA lubricant, making them one of the highest quality bearings for stainless steel sanitary conveyors.

What are your biggest challenges in maintaining your sanitary conveyors? We’d love to hear from you.

PennAir partners with Dorner Conveyors to deliver kick@$$ conveying solutions for Urban Farming. Dorner has experience with ready-to-eat foods such as sandwiches, meals, parfait cups, salads and more. They understand that these produces require conveyors that can be efficiently and effectively cleaned and sanitized over the lifetime of the equipment. Also, all parts of the equipment must be easily accessible for inspection, maintenance and cleaning without the need for tools.

Food safety is another important factor for ready-to-eat food conveyors, such as making sure that there are no of areas where water or food can collect.

AquaPruf® Series Conveyors

Using an AquaPruf series conveyor from Dorner is a great way to move product along while maintaining sanitary requirements. The AquaPruf series is designed with food sanitation requirements in mind. These design features include:

  • Tip-up, tool-less pulleys and belt lifters for easy access for cleaning
  • Rounded cross members to eliminate horizontal edges
  • Solid UHMW wear strips for quick drainage and easy cleaning
  • V-guided belt tracking

AquaGard Series Conveyors

The AquaGard line of conveyors is designed for a wide variety of applications in sanitary environments that require conveyor wipe-downs. Features include:

  • Solid UHMW wear strips located in welded cross members for durable belt support
  • Frame constructed of TIG welded 304 stainless steel
  • Open design with minimal horizontal surfaces
  • Low-profile frame and flexible belt options

AquaGard 7100 Conveyors

Industry ready stainless steel flexible chain conveyor.

AquaGard 7200 Conveyors

Sanitary conveyor rated for low pressure wash down with soap and water cleaners.


AquaGard 7300 Conveyors

Low profile, stainless steel sanitary conveyor rated for high pressure washdowns with caustic cleaners.



AquaGard 7350 Conveyors

Features a rugged and durable improved frame design.

AquaPruf 7600 Conveyors

Frame is designed with no horizontal surfaces for optimum cleaning.

AquaPruf 7400 Conveyors

Frame is designed with no horizontal surfaces for optimum cleaning. Conveyors over 10′ long consist of multiple sections which are bolted together.

AquaPruf 7400 Ultimate Conveyors

Engineered for Fast & Effective Sanitation in the most demanding environments.

AquaPruf 7600 Ultimate Conveyors

The Ultimate Series has been engineered for Fast & Effective Sanitation in the most demanding environments. Thse include facilities where food safety is essential.

AquaPruf 7600 VBT Conveyors

Our sanitary incline conveyor technology will save your facility both time and money.


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