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Leading provider of quick disconnect couplings, fittings, and connectors for plastic tubing since 1978.

June 17, 2021 // 1 minute read

Packing in More Innovation

No matter what type of packaging and dispensing products you require, you need them to be accessible, convenient and safe to use. With CPC couplings, you can instantly make connections to flexible and rigid bulk packaging systems. Simplify operation, minimize costly or dangerous spillage and even incorporate our RFID-enabled IdentiQuik® coupling technology to control, protect and streamline your valuable fluid.

Featured Series

DrumQuik PRO

Unique closed-system design for smarter chemical management.

DrumQuik PUR (High Purity Cleanroom)

Unique high purity closed-system design for smarter chemical management.

DrumQuik Universal Dispensing Adapter

Designed for end-user applications and allows a safer connections to drums, IBCs and more.

DrumQuik PRO Accessories

A variety of accessories to accompany DrumQuik PRO for closed-system dispensing.

DrumQuik PUR Accessories

Accessories for DrumQuik PUR closed-dispensing systems.

Puncture Seal

Clean and safe liquid dispensing from bag-in-box (BIB) or other types of flexible packaging.


Universal connection to bulk packaging systems including bag-in-box (BIB), flexible and rigid packaging styles.

iUDC (RFID-Enabled)

RFID-enabled coupler provides a universal connection to a 38mm fitment neck.


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