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July 26, 2021 // 1 minute read

HSB Case Study

Who do you turn to when you need to automate part of your manufacturing process?

Recently, a manufacturer was reviewing options to automate a transfer system to load rods or round stock into a die press.  In this particular application, the rod is loaded into a vertical die press to create a u-shape bend.  The rod is pressed three times in the vertical die press to guarantee a uniform u-shape with all the finished parts.

Customer Purposed Solution:

The manufacturer approached SCHUNK with the following request:

To design a process that created an XYZ Gantry to transfer the rods from a feeder system into the vertical press. Grippers would be needed to handle the rods from the feeder system and each die in the vertical press. The XYZ Gantry would transfer the parts from the feeder system to each individual die in the vertical press.  The parts would be dropped into an escapement upon completion in the vertical press.

Customer Concerns: Cycle Time and Safety

The manufacturer had two major concerns associated with the project:

  • The large vertical press presented safety hazard for any operators so the customer wanted an automated system that would not put any personnel in danger.
  • The cycle time with transferring the parts to each die was a critical aspect of the machine.  The customer wanted a system that could transfer the parts from feeder system to each die simultaneously so there were no delays with the vertical press.

SCHUNK Solution:

In order to meet the demands of the customer’s application and to address their concerns regarding cycle time and safety, SCHUNK designed the following solution:

  • Linear actuators for the XYZ Gantry System and grippers to handle the parts were sized appropriately.   
  • SCHUNK sized and selected a Beta 80-SGV Ball Screw Actuator for the X-Axis at a stroke of 900 mm and lead on the screw of 50 mm.  The Beta 80-SGV actuator was mounted above the vertical die press and the customer incorporated linear rails to help support the Y-Axis and Z-Axis.  The Beta 80-SGV was the axis that would move the system horizontally from the feeder system to each die in the press. 
  • Two Gamma 120-ZSS Belt Driven Actuators were sized and selected to build a dual Z-Axis system.  The Gamma 120-ZSS actuators were mounted to the Beta 80-SGV (X-Axis), utilizing a carriage-to-carriage mount between the X-Axis and Dual Z-Axis.  The Gamma 120-ZSS actuators move the parts vertically as the parts are transferred from the feeder system to each die in the vertical press.  The Gamma 120-ZSS actuators were linked together using a GX Cross Link Shaft (connection shaft) so both actuators could be driven by one gearbox and one servo motor.
  • SCHUNK sized and selected two Gamma 90- ZSS Belt Driven Actuators for a Dual Y-Axis system.  The Gamma 90-ZSS actuators are mounted at the bottom of the Gamma 120-ZSS actuators basically utilizing a carriage-to-base mount between the Dual Z-Axis and Dual Y-Axis.  The Gamma 90-ZSS actuators would move the grippers in and out of the machine so the vertical press could actuate.  The Gamma 90-ZSS actuators were also linked together using a GX Cross Link Shaft (connection shaft) so both actuators could be driven by one gearbox and one servo motor.
  • The customer selected the grippers for the application which included (4x) PGN-plus-P parallel grippers to handle the parts through each transfer in the machine.  The grippers were mounted to the end of the Gamma 90-ZSS actuators (Dual Y-Axis).

Beta Series Benefits

Universal linear module

Optional toothed belt drive for high acceleration and speed or screw drive for precise positioning given high drive forces.

  • Adaptable drive motor
  • Optional belt or screw driven
  • Various guide options
  • Cost-effective basic version with basic functions
  • Compact dimensions
  • Integrated cover tape

The slide is driven by a toothed belt or a ball screw spindle and precisely guided by a (double) profiled rail guide. The cover band runs through the slide and covers the drive and guidance. The servomotor is usually connected to the profile via the drive shaft.


  1. Aluminum profile
  2. Profiled rail guide
  3. Covering tape made of plastic
  4. Toothed belt
  5. Ball screw spindle

Options & Information

Various guiding options

Screw supports
Screw supports allow higher moving speeds for longer stroke lengths
Version with a driven slide
In this version, the servomotor is fastened to the slide and the profile is vertically moved.
Flexible in motor and controller selection
The electrical control is carried out via an adaptable servo drive using common standard controller like Bosch or Siemens.
Easy integration
The easy integration into the control system is ensured by the possibility of attaching a common servomotor.
Complete solutions
On request, SCHUNK can supply complete drive solutions including motor, gears, controller, and cables.

Application Example

Electrically driven 2-axis line gantry with long-stroke gripper and standardized drive technology for loading and unloading machine tools.
  1. Universal linear module Beta with toothed belt drive
  2. Universal linear module Beta with screw drive
  3. Servomotor
  4. Connection shaft with claw coupling for synchronization
  5. Two-finger parallel gripper PGN-plus


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