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SCHUNK's Angular Gripper SWG 50

75 years of superior clamping & gripping

September 24, 2021 // 1 minute read

Angular Gripper SWG 50

Narrow double-acting 2-finger angular gripper

For universal use in clean and slightly dirty environments. Suitable for applications that require a space-optimized gripper Arrangement.

Advantages – Your benefits:

  • Slim design allowing the grippers to be arranged in a row
  • Spring-supported gripping force maintenance holds the
    workpiece even in case of a loss of pressure
  • Wedge-hook design for high power transmission and synchronized gripping
  • Light and compact design for space-saving handling without interfering contours
  • Monitoring via electronic magnetic switches a space-saving feature in a slot in the housing

Transfer of food (salami sausages)

Picked up and placed into a packaging foil


Various BiFi salami sausages are disorderly arranged and transported on a conveying belt to the packaging station, from this belt the salami sausage need to be picked up and placed into a packaging foil.


A robot control unit determines the pick up position of the salami by means of a camera system. The SCHUNK double-acting 2-finger angular grippers with stroke units are moved downward consecutively and pick up the sausages. Afterwards, the 2 salami sausages are placed simultaneously and in parallel on the packaging foil.

Functional Description

The sectional diagram shows the functionality as well as various product features and options

The piston is moved up and down by compressed air. The kinematics transforms this vertical motion into a synchronous and rotatory gripping motion of the base jaws.

  1. Housing is weight-optimized due to the use of high-strength aluminum alloy
  2. Base fingers for the connection of workpiece-specific gripper fingers
  3. Kinematics precise gear for centric gripping
  4. Sensor system electronic magnetic switch, space-saving integration in the groove of the housing
  5. Gripping force maintenance mechanic gripping force maintenance for O.D. gripping


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