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GoFa: Go Far. Go Faster. Go Further

GoFa is your collaborative partner for high payload applications up to 5kg. With class-leading reach, advanced and comprehensive safety, plus easy operation, GoFa will take your business further than ever.

Easy, fast, and intelligently safe

Designed for any industry

With a class-leading reach of 950mm, and the ability to handle payloads up to 5kg, GoFa loves demanding, repetitive tasks. For maximum safety, it also features intelligent sensors in every joint that stop the robot within milliseconds if contact is detected.

Fast, repeatable performance

Faster than other cobots in its class

With a top speed of 2.2m/s, GoFa is faster than other cobots in its class. Excellent position repeatability and superior motion control from ABB also enable it to perform its tasks accurately and precisely.

Safety Inside and Out

Safe enough to work directly with humans

Eliminate the cost and space issues caused by barriers or fencing. Built-in intelligent sensors stop GoFa in milliseconds if contact is detected. A comprehensive set of safety functions are provided together with an easy configurator App to help you install your cobot safely.


Connect with Molly Blymire, our Business Development Manager to learn more. 

No Experience Required

Which one is best for your data center?

Designed with first-time users in mind, get started using GoFa is easy. Lead-through programming, a customizable two-button interface, plus ABB’s new Wizard easy programming software combine to help anyone get GoFa up and running in no time.


Payload = 5kg

Degrees of Freedom = 6

Reach = 950mm

Mac TCP speed = 2.2m/sec

Weight = 27kg

Footprint = 165x165mm

Ready to Unbox Your GoFa?

Easy set-up and operation

Set up and configuration is easy with intuitive, graphical Apps directly on the FlexPendant. You can move your robot using lead through in no time.


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