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PennAir Announces Holding Company & New Acquisitions

PennAir shifts to align with its acquisitions made in the last two years.

Introducing The Conrad Company

With the creation of the newly formed Holding Company, The Conrad Company, PennAir (Penn-Air & Hydraulics Corp.) shifts to align with its acquisitions made in the last two years. All brands will now operate under The Conrad Company.

The Conrad Company brands include: PennAir- helps people in manufacturing with pneumatics, hydraulics, and automation; GreasePoint– delivers automatic lubrication for the transportation and manufacturing industries; Hanover Conveying Systems– designs and manufactures custom stainless-steel conveyors; Compressor Maintenance Company– provides service for compressed air, nitrogen, and vacuum systems; and Allied Hydraulic Service Company– repairs and remanufactures hydraulic products. 

The Conrad Company’s vision is to help 3 million customers, to be “Great Place to Work” certified, and to be the most technically capable distributor in the USA. To date, the company has helped over 1.5 million customers, earned a 95% score as a “Great Place to Work”, and is well on its way to achieving most technically capable distributor with the addition of exceptionally talented team members and brands.  

Chief Executive Officer, Seth Bray, shares, “This industry is about people, and we have forgotten that. Most of us are focused on taking orders based on a part number, but not actually solving problems. Our brands have highly capable people focused on solving industry-specific problems because people need help, and we are here to help them kick@$$.The creation of The Conrad Company optimizes the brands mentioned above, enabling them to work together while remaining focused on their areas of expertise. These partnerships have already had such a positive impact on Our Customers, Our Suppliers, Our Associates, and Our Community. 

We are going to continue to hire immense talent that still believes in solving problems and taking care of customers. We will continue to add brands focused on helping people in manufacturing. Together, I think we can change the way industrial distribution is done,” Bray said. 

The Conrad Company is an ever-growing collection of highly technical brands focused on redefining industrial distribution.