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Everis™ LQ2 Series Fit for Electric Vehicles

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EV Charging Keeps the Pace

According to the International Energy Agency’s 2020 EV report, the electric vehicle (EV) market will grow by 36% annually, reaching 245 million vehicles globally in 2030. DC fast and extreme fast-charging infrastructure is needed to support this growth. And what’s necessary for that?

Fast Charging is Heating Up. 

DC fast charging relies on a higher power — over 350kW or more in Extreme Fast Chargers (XFCs). That kind of power generates significant heat. As external converters and EV supply equipment controls are responsible for safely and effectively managing the higher power levels between the charger and an EV, they require effective thermal management. And this poses another challenge. A DC fast
charger necessitates larger conductors. Along with increased charging speed and higher heat, the resulting cables can become bulky and unwieldy.

Liquid Cooling

High-power EV charging solutions require the benefits of liquid cooling. Compared to standard air cooling, liquid cooling offers more efficient heat dissipation — the key to unlocking higher performance and shorter charging times. Further, liquid-cooled charging cables can use smaller conductors to reduce cable weight by up to 40%. That allows them to fit where other cables can’t, optimizing limited space. As an added benefit, lighter-weight cables are easier to handle for consumers, promoting safe and reliable operation.

Liquid Cooling EV Applications Use Quick Disconnect Couplings (QDs)

A Global Leader in Liquid Cooling Connectors. 

CPC has been delivering lightweight, non-spill, worry-free couplings for decades. Now our thermal management expertise and proven record of liquid cooling quick disconnect (QD) coupling innovation sets CPC apart.

Your Challenges

Our Solutions

Torture Tested Again and Again... and Again.

We want you to be absolutely confident in our liquid cooling connectors. That’s why we are always testing them. It starts with materials testing, followed by product testing and then torture testing to failure. In addition to published validation reports, our connectors are designed and manufactured to meet the stringent ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality standards. All of which means you can rest easy knowing that CPC products will perform to their specifications. Our testing protocols include:

  • Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Testing
  • Bubble Leak Testing
  • Pressure Decay Testing
  • Hydrostatic Leak Testing
  • And More

Impressive Innovation. Unparalleled Performance.

Backed by decades of experience, CPC Connectors is at the forefront of innovation, delivering the features needed to connect with confidence.

Everis™ LQ2 Series

1/8” flow is designed specifically for liquid cooling applications. With a small form factor for tight spaces, Everis LQ2 connectors offer a high-flow capacity to optimize system performance while providing ultra-reliable, dripless connections and disconnections to protect valuable electronics. Everis LQ2 fittings use patent-pending valve technology that eliminates drips and are designed for long-term use. EPDM and FKM seals are standard options for compatibility with glycol/water or dielectric coolants. For other material and termination, options see your regional CPC sales representative.


  • Non-spill design
  • Redundant multi-lobed seal
  • High flow capacity with low-pressure drop
  • EPDM or FKM seals
  • Ergonomic body and latch design
  • Color coding
  • Low profile
  • Barbed and threaded terminations


  • Disconnect under pressure with no drips
  • Extra protection from leaks over an extended period of time
  • Efficient, cost-effective cooling system
  • Options support common coolants used in liquid cooling applications (i.e. glycol/water, mineral oil, synthetic oils, ElectroCool®)
  • Simple, intuitive one-handed operation of latch. Audible click signals secure connection
  • Instant visual identification of cooling lines
  • Meets size requirements for space-constrained electronics
  • Compatibility with various tubing options including reinforced tubing


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