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Super magnetic!

75 years of superior clamping & gripping

March 31, 2021 // 1 minute read

Super magnetic!

The Invisible Force in Workpiece Handling

As if by superpower, SCHUNK’s magnetic grippers move ferromagnetic components in any position and size. It doesn’t matter how things are oriented – due to an ideal interfering contour, workpieces are always gripped safely and quickly, even if the power fails. Speaking of speed – no one beats our magnetic heroes when it comes to being ready in a hurry. A short pulse of current is all it takes to get the magnetic grippers ready for use.

Uncomplicated, easy to handle and exceptionally strong – it’s time to add the invisible force of magnetism to your production!

The advantages

  • High holding forces for reliable part handling in compact automated systems
  • Actuation via 24 V voltage supply saves energy and simplifies the connection and the wiring
  • Workpiece accessibility from five sides free from interfering contours
  • Low weight for high dynamics in challenging applications
  • Reliable maintenance of holding force for process-safe use even in emergency-stop scenarios

How does magnetic gripping work?

The function of the magnetic gripper bases on the combination of AlNiCo and neodymium magnets. To activate the system, an electric current pulse is conducted through the coil, which reverses the polarity of the AlNiCo magnets accordingly. The magnetic flux of the AlNiCo magnets passes the neodymium magnet in the deactivated state, and closes the magnetic circuit over the gripper base body made of steel. The workpiece is always held securely – this is ensured by the grippers’ mode of operation, which is based on a combination of electric and permanent magnets and reliably maintains the magnetic flux even when deactivated.


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