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June 17, 2022 // 1 minute read

Festo Essentials.

Your first choice products for simple, cost-effective pneumatic control

Everyday products for everyday standard tasks. These products are designed to offer high functionality and compactness at the same high quality you expect from Festo for users looking for simple, cost-effective pneumatic control. This select range of products includes compact and robust valves, guided and mini slide units, compact cylinders, regulators, filter regulators and tubing. And they each form part of the Festo core range – take advantage of products which offer shorter delivery times and competitive prices from one single source supplier. 

Mini Slide DGST

Compact, yet big on performance and precision.

A real space-saver: the compact and short slide unit features integrated cushioning components and sensor mounts. The mini slide delivers maximum precision across the entire stroke thanks to the combination of yoke and slide in one part and the recirculating ball bearing guide underneath it. The large range of cushioning options together with the use of position transmitters opens up numerous applications.

Guided Drive DFM

A true guiding light with the best price & performance ratio.

Robustness is the name of the game with the DFM. This impressive guided drive has the best price/performance ratio in the market and offers optimum guide characteristics, sturdiness and flexibility. It is reliable, adaptable and resilient – even with high torques. The combination of linear drive and powerful guide in a compact unit means that the DFM can reliably move high loads, even in tight spaces.

Compact cylinder ADN-S

The ultra compact short stroke cylinder.

The compact cylinder series ADN-S is optimized in terms of installation space. Its strong point is its design, which is ideal for simple pressing and holding functions in relatively clean environments. In particular, the space-optimized overall size is perfect for the electronics industry and small parts assembly, where design focus is on compact machines.

Electronic proximity switch SDBT-MSX

Programmable proximity switch with auto teach-in.

The first proximity switch with automatic switching point setting makes commissioning easier than ever before. With its detection range of 20 mm, it is easy and reliable to install, especially in applications where mounting is difficult. SDBT-MSX is ideal for all standard applications, especially in factory automation and the electronics industry/small parts handling.

Compact valve VUVG-S

Get more power from a smaller design.

Compact, inexpensive, high performance and installed in a flash. They’re the perfect choice for all high-speed applications requiring a particularly high flow rate combined with a compact size. They offer essential features at an attractive price with the proven Festo quality.

High flow valve VUVS-S

The robust valve for harsh environments.

High flow rate and elegant design. This series is a perfect example of heavy-duty pneumatics offering reliable operation at a great price. Combines features required for operation in harsh environments such as impact resistance, ease of installation, and mounting options, including manifolds.


Regulators & filter/regulators MS-B Basic.

Lightweight & compact.

Advanced polymer materials make these compressed air regulators and filter-regulators up to 50% lighter than competitive products and just as robust. This optimized design combines very high flow rates with extremely stable pressure control behavior ensuring smooth processes. These powerful, lightweight, and cost-efficient components are ideal for use directly in a machine which favors application in the electronics industry.

Polyurethane tube PUN-H

Detect solid particles, moisture or oil in the line.

PUN-H is the go-to-tube for a wide variety of applications including the exposure to wet environments, humidity and even outside thanks to its corrosion resistant properties. Combined with its high kink resistance, it’s the ideal choice when selecting tubing for uninterrupted and reliable air supply. Thanks to its high quality base material, it is suitable for use both in the food industry and outdoors. Both transparent and non-transparent colors are available.

Flow Control VFOE

Compact machines require compact performance. 

Big in performance, small in size. The new VFOE adjustable one-way flow control valve, with push-to-lock adjustment feature, is perfect for applications requiring compact components. Additionally, the VFOE has many variants, easy commissioning, extremely light weight and attractively priced. So many benefits in such a small package.

Round Cylinders

DSNU-S & DNSU-ISO, ideal for small and compact spaces. 

ISO standards-based DSNU or the smaller and even slimmer DSNU-S? The round cylinder DSNU is always a solid choice when it comes to performance and compact dimensions. Its universal variants make it ideal in applications where low friction, chemical resistance or corrosion resistance are required.

Round inch cylinder DPRA

Direct interchangeability with inch round-body.

The DPRA is Festo’s direct interchange inch round-body pneumatic cylinder. Superior performance due to 303 stainless steel piston rod and 304 stainless housing providing corrosion resistance, low friction and long life. Oil-impregnated piston rod bushing and low friction U-cup seals create a pneumatic cylinder with efficient performance, superior service life and reliability. Premium lubrication provides excellent running characteristics and outstanding efficiency.

Compact inch cylinder DPCA

Fits to tight spaces, ideal for clamping and holding.

Robust construction due to high quality, solid aluminum construction. The smooth, cylindrical body with protective clear anodized coating enables superior corrosion resistance. Premium lubrication provides excellent running characteristics and outstanding efficiency. Self-lubricating piston rod bearing and internally lubricated seals enables superior service life and reliability. Offers an extensive range of variants and mounting accessories for most applications.


Compact inch cylinder DPCB

Superior reliability and service life.

Superior performance due to high strength composite cylinder barrel with exceptional low friction and heat reducing operation. Captive rod seals and rod bearing allow for hassle-free operation, and premium lubrication provides excellent running characteristics and outstanding efficiency. The robust construction with clear anodized aluminum heads, stainless steel tie rods and hard chrome piston rods provide a durable cylinder for many applications.


NFPA cylinder DSNA

Corrosion resistant and robust design makes it an ideal choice.

Repairable, pneumatic cylinder conforming to NFPA interchange dimensions. The cost-optimized design makes this an ideal choice for OEM machinery manufacturers. Sturdy construction with stainless steel tie-rods makes this cylinder highly suitable for industries like construction, agriculture, packaging and the automotive industry.


NFPA cylinder DSNB

Robust construction with comprehensive product range.

Pneumatic tie-rod cylinder conforming to NFPA interchange dimensions. The robust construction with a high strength steel, hard chromeplated piston rod, large composite rod bearing, and a solid aluminum piston with PTFE wear band make it suitable for high workload applications. Polyurethane seals, premium lubrication and hard anodized cylinder ID provide excellent running characteristics, superior service life and reliability.



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