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Norgren’s Lintra Plus Series

Supercharge your electric motion projects- with endless electric motion


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October 31, 2023 // 1 minute read

Our expanded electric motion range gives you the ability to find the right solution for an even greater range of automation demands. 

Electric Cylinders

A broad selection of ISO standard rod-style, ball screw electromechanical linear cylinders. Our electric cylinder range is available with or without servo motors and in six bore sizes with two mounting options. All products are based on ISO 15552 for ease of installation, with optional integrated holding brake to support safe operation and IP65-rated versions for dusty and wet environments. 

  • Flexible- Based on ISO 155552 and suitable for a variety of applications and industries
  • Connected- Performance monitoring through integral sensors and external switches
  • Long service life- Long life cycle due to ball screw and bearing mechanisms 

Linear axis with tooth belt drive

Our range of linear axis tooth belt drives offer the ideal solution for fast handling and positioning tasks, delivering impressive results even over long travel distances. All feature a steel-reinforced tooth belt suitable for moving both light-weight and heavy loads. With excellent operating safety and low maintenance requirements, these products are easily configured and modified with any type of special machining. 

  • Long service life- Long travel distances and service life
  • Reliable- Temperature range between -30°C and +75°C.
  • Suitable for all environments- Stainless steel and reinforced components for harsh operating conditions

Linear axis with spindle drive 

Choose a spindle drive for projects where high precision and repeatability are priorities. Our range offers extremely precise positioning accuracy over and over again-even when faced with harsh conditions and long operating times. Ball screw models provide excellent efficiency whilst trapezoidal screws provide sled locking performance. All models offer long service life, excellent operating safety and low maintenance requirements. 


  • Accurate- High positioning accuracy
  • Efficient- Excellent efficiency with ball screw
  • Safe- self-locking performance

Multi axis systems

Customized multi axis technology offers you endless design possibilities. Premium product performance is combined with expert technical support from design to operation- helping you fulfill even the most ambitious perfect specifications. From pharmaceuticals to packaging and all points in between, Norgren can provide the right technology for your industry- with our modular product portfolio helping to maximize design options.


  • Modular- Unlimited guide and drive combination possibilities and various configurations including H, XY, XZ, & XYZ.
  • Certified- Performance certifications include clean room, anti-corrosion and low temperature.
  • Flexible- Full compatibility with third party motors, gearboxes and controllers.

Downloads for Lintra® Plus Series Information:


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