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Helical Plain Bend Conveyor

A member of Dorner’s FlexMove Series

Benefits of the Helical Plain Bend Conveyor

  • Reduces conveyor footprint saving valuable floor space
  • Allows incline or decline through corners and straights
  • Patented side roller chain reduces corner friction
  • Provides capability for product buffering in corners
  • Ideal for incline or decline in tight spaces

Features & Specifications:

  • Available on FlexMove Aluminum Conveyors: FS (65 mm), FM (85 mm), FC (105 mm), FL (150 mm), FU (180 mm) and FV (260 mm)
  • Minimum 500 mm radius helical bend corner
  • Corner Angles: 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270 and 360 degrees
  • Incline and decline angles up to 12 degrees
  • Plain chain is capable of incline / decline angles up to 7 degrees
  • Friction top chain is recommended for angles of 7 to 12 degrees
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