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About ELGi Air Compressors

Leading global manufacturer of superior compressed air system technology

ELGi North America offers a comprehensive range of compressed air products, systems, and responsive services. Their product offering includes: oil-lubricated and oil-free rotary screw and reciprocating compressors, dryers, filters, and ancillary accessories for multiple industries. With over 60 years of experience, ELGi consistently works toward ensuring its customers achieve their productivity goals through low cost of ownership.

ELGi offers The World’s Smallest Oil-Free Screw Air Compressor, the AB Series. A disruptor in oil-free compressed air technology, this compressor family offers customers a solution at approximately 8–10% reduced life cycle cost. With significantly lower maintenance and ease of use, customers can be assured of reliable, high air purity for sensitive industry applications.

AB Series Compressor

ELGi is one of the very few compressor companies to design and manufacture airends for Oil-Free compressor technology. The new AB series compressors provide disruptive benefits in terms of efficiency, reliability and air quality resulting in lower life cycle cost and high up-time. The high quality air output with Class-“0” certification makes this compressor ideal for sensitive applications in pharmaceuticals and food and beverage industries where presence of oil vapor and moisture is intolerable.

Oil-Free Screw Compressor

ELGi is amongst the few air compressor manufacturers with an in-house designed and manufactured Oil-Free airend. ELGi’s Oil-Free range provides class zero Oil-Free air with leading energy efficiency, reliability, and low operating costs supported by Best-in-class warranty.

Encapsulated Lubricated Compressor

ELGi’s EN series electric lubricated rotary screw air compressors are known for their reliability, low maintenance requirements, and small footprint making them ideal for industrial applications where size, efficiency, and cost are critical.

EG Premium Series Screw Air Compressors

ELGi’s EG series electric lubricated rotary screw compressors represent a giant leap in design and performance, with every single component designed for reliability and ease of maintenance. Each air compressor is designed and manufactured in compliance with applicable international standards (CE, ASME, UL and others).

Reciprocating Industrial Air Compressor

ELGi reciprocating industrial air compressors are designed for optimum efficiency while requiring minimum maintenance to meet your demands of compressed air. These compressors are recommended for applications that would require duty cycle less than 70%.

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