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Dorner's DCMove

Manufacturer of a wide variety of industrial, aluminum frame, sanitary, stainless steel frame conveyors. 

May 23, 2023 // 1 minute read

Benefits of DCMove Belted Conveyors:

The DCMove Belted Conveyor features an economic painted steel frame with options for a variety of fabric or rubber belting. This new conveyor system is also built with an internally mounted motor within the tails, further reducing the conveyor’s footprint and providing an easy-to-integrate conveyor package. With a sleek, flush-sides design, the DCMove easily fits into tight spaces and maximizes belt coverage.

In combination with Dorner’s v-guided belt tracking and precise rack and pinion belt tensioning, the features of the DCMove Belted Conveyor will better serve the logistics, e-commerce, and material handling industries.

Product Features

  • Painted steel construction for most cost competitive package movement
  • V-guide belt tracking and easy belt tensioning
  • Maximized belt widths and load capacity
  • Sealed for life internal bearings

General Specficiations

  • Flat and cleated belt options
  • Flat belt includes end drive, center drive, and internal motor mounting packages
  • Lengths from 960 to 12,000 mm (38 in to 40 ft)
  • Belt widths from 254 to 1,219 mm (10 in to 48 in)
  • 76 mm (3 in) roller diameters with 32 mm
  • (1.25 in) nose bar option to handle smaller packages
  • Loads up to 181 kg (400 lbs)
  • Speeds up to 183 m/min (600ft/min)

DCMove Belted Conveyor Applications

  • Distribution Center Product Sorting
  • Packaging
  • Palletizing
  • Industrial Material Handling
  • Automated and Manual Assembly


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