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LINTRA ® PLUS Pneumatic Rodless Cylinder Series


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July 26, 2023 // 1 minute read

Lintra® Plus Reliable, Durable & Proven

The Lintra® Plus range is one of the widest and most comprehensive rodless cylinder ranges available. Its design is unique, with integrated guides housed in the main extrusion, user-friendly sealing strips and slots to take the standard Norgren M/50 series switch.

» Four basic versions 
» Quality, long-life sealing system 
» Improved version with lower weight, greater load capacity, improved end caps and carriage design 
» Complies with ATEX requirements

Reputation Plus

Lintra® Plus combines all the features you have come to expect with Norgren’s existing Lintra® series:

Plus – Higher load capacity from improved piston design
Plus – Lower static and dynamic friction levels
Plus – Universal mounting grooves on profile
Plus – Single ended and alternative porting options
Plus – Improved dust protection across the whole range

Rodless Lintra® cylinders are suitable for use in a wide variety of industry sectors. The cost-effective Lintra® Plus provides the machine design engineer with a high degree of versatility and flexibility due to its alternative guiding systems.

Utilized in numerous mechanical engineering applications, such as:

» Lifting/Lowering
» Feeding/Guiding
» Pick & Place
» Sorting
» Filling
» Spraying
» Cutting

Lintra® Plus is ideal for
inclusion in these sectors:
» Automotive
» Material Handling
» Machine Tool
» Paper & Packaging
» Wood Processing
» Textiles
» Food Processing & Packaging

Versatility Plus

The Lintra® Plus offers a standardized series, capable of carrying medium to heavy loads or simply transmitting motion to a machine function for maximum design versatility. 

  • This series has four variants.
  • All versions feature integral pneumatic cushioning, large enough to deal with most applications.
  • Add external shock absorbers for extreme conditions.

Downloads for Lintra® Plus Series Information:


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