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IRB 1100

ABB'S IRB 1100

Increasing manufacturing productivity

Further expanding ABB’s small robot portfolio, IRB 1100 provides 35% increased productivity and up to 10% space savings.

Class-leading performance for high-quality manufacturing

Aimed at increasing manufacturing productivity, IRB 1100 provides up to 35% faster cycle times and best-in-class repeatability for high quality manufacturing. IRB 1100 consistently outperforms similar robots in terms of payload and position repeatability (RP) even when under space constraints. Indeed, IRB 1100 offers the highest payload for a robot of its class.

Compact and small footprint design ensures flexible installation 

Compared to the previous generation, the IRB 1100 robot design was optimized with a 10% smaller footprint and over 20% weight reduction for space-efficient installation in diverse environments, such as electronics manufacturing factories.

The small footprint allows multiple robots to be deployed simultaneously in order to collaboratively perform automation operations, enabling more flexible handling for heavy-load operations with complex tools/end effectors. Powered by ABB’s new OmniCoreTM controller, IRB 1100 is equipped with advanced motion control capabilities, making it ideal for supporting rapid assembly, pick-and-place, and material handling applications. 

Rugged yet compact IP67 rated

The IRB 1100 has IP40 as standard protection and IP67 as option. The entire robot is designed to be IP67 compliant according to IEC 60529 – from base to wrist, which means that the electrical compartments are sealed against water and solid contaminants.

Cleanroom ISO 4

Certified to ISO 14644-1, the cleanroom IRB1100 combines fast performance in a compact design for industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, electronics, semiconductors and solar panel manufacturing.

Main applications:
  • Assembly & Testing
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Screw driving
  • Rubber insertion
  • Polishing, grinding, buffing, deburring and sanding

The IRB 1100 is powered by OmniCore E10 ultra-slim, C30 compact, and C90XT rugged compact controllers.

Key features

Offers 35% faster cycle times for increased productivity

10% smaller footprint and over 20% weight reduction for easy installation

The highest payload for a robot of its class

Equipped with up to 16 I/0 connections (C1+C2) for more sophisticated / complex applications



Food & Beverage

Foundry & Forging


Metal Fabrication

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Located in Virginia?

Ready to up your production game with ABB’s IRB 1100? PennAir’s sister brand, Valley Fluid Components, is here to be your trusted partner. Whether you’re looking to enhance your automation capabilities or troubleshoot any issues, their team is fully equipped and ready to assist you in the Greater Virginia area.


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